Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Bee Sting Incident

This just happened. Nate got his first bee sting. Spoiler alert...we survived. It was a rough whole 4-8 minutes though.

How it happened:

Nate went to put his milk cup on the patio table so he could get back in his swing. He sets the cup down and then starts crying. Not a whiny cry. A hurt cry. Parents know this sound very well. It's a distinct cry that makes your stomach drop like you just went on the Free Fall ride at Magic Mountain.

He was crying and yelling, "POKE! POKE!" Here is Hawaii, we have these plants that have prickles on them. They hurt like a b*#ch. If you step on them hard enough, you will bleed. This is what they look like. Sandbur is the common name.
I look over and he has his foot up on his tippy toe and I could see something on his foot. I thought it was a nail at first because it looked really big and dark. I ran over to him and picked him up so he wouldn't step down again. I put him on a chair and realized it was a bee.

The entire bee was attached to his foot. I grabbed it and the stinger was still in. I took that out next. He was still crying. And then it was my panic mom mode because I have never personally been stung by a bee and have NO IDEA what to do for it!

Jason told me to make a paste with water and baking soda. I put WAY too much water. We applied it to Nate's foot and it was instant relief for him. back to his smiley self and swinging away.

We tried to ice it as well, but Nate started kicking like a maniac. Baking soda and water mixture worked perfect. We took a bath with no complaints.

What is your go-to remedy for bee stings?

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