Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Have a Two Year Old.

Two days ago my son turned two. TWO!! How can such a small number make such a big impact? I mean, he is still VERY young, but it just sounds so old! And how did it happen so fast!? It seems like yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant, then labor, then newborn, and now 2!? It really is incredible how fast time goes.

Would I change it? Of course not! I LOVED Nate as a newborn, all cuddly, small, and my boobs could seriously heal all. But now he has grown into such a character. He is stubborn, funny, smart, and will play outside for hours! He loves to climb, paint, help me cook and clean, trains, and his swing. Annnnddd...we can somewhat hold a conversation. It is so cute! My favorite is when we are talking and he doesn't understand something I say.

Me: "Nate, did you know so and so and so?"
Nate: "huh?"
Me: So and so can do this and goes like that..."
Nate: "HUH!?"
Me: "So and so. It does this and that."

It is hilarious. Whether he understands or not, that is how the convo goes down.

Anyways. Nate had a blasty blast on his birthday.

He woke up to his playroom filled with balloons and tons of presents. He went straight to playing with balloons. He opened his presents and was pretty overwhelmed with the whole situation. He was happy and ripping paper like it was Christmas morning, but he couldn't really tell what was in the actual boxes until we opened those too.



We played with new toys until nap then headed out to Chuck E. Cheese. Where a kid Nate can be a kid Nate. He LOVES Chuck E Cheese. Not scared at all. He played games, danced the "Chuckie shuffle", got a free slice of cake, and was sang to by the crew.

And then the day was over. Nate was officially two. No more one year old. To be honest, I was more emotional with him turning 2 than 1. Maybe it's the preggo hormones, but it hit me hard. I am just glad he had such a wonderful day. He is so loved. Happy birthday my little boy.

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