Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow like Whoa.

A couple days ago Iowa had it's first snow. Not just any snow...a freaking blizzard. I have never lived in snow and have only seen snow a few times. So few I could count the times on both hands easily. It was raining and then all of a sudden it was snowing. There was a couple of inches within hours and winds between 30-50 miles per hour. What the heck!? The news was just saying how it was record breaking how many days Iowa has gone without any snow. Way to bring in the winter season, IA!

So was this good or bad? Both. Good because it was pretty cool to watch. Everything was white so fast. Nathan, my mother in law, and I opened the blinds and watched the madness. Bad because Jason was delayed in Denver and couldn't get home to us. He finally arrived and all is well again.

It's a couple days until Christmas and I am ready for Jason to open his presents. I wish he would open them now...I hate surprises. I need to contain my excitement though. I'm containing it by typing in lowercase instead of all caps. I am really excited though. It is our first Christmas with Nathan!

I hope everyone has wonderful rest of 2012. Happy Holidays!

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