Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's the day before Christmas! We are here in Iowa, which is weird because every Christmas we are somewhere in California. There is snow on the ground. Also a first for Christmas. Jason is making gumbo for our Christmas Eve dinner and turkey tomorrow. Isn't the food one of the bestest parts of the holidays?! It's the cleaning that's not so fun.

Does anyone open presents on Christmas Eve? My mom always let me open one...and it wasn't matching pajamas. Some people open stocking the day before. Some get nothing. Jason is a nothing guy for Christmas Eve so I have to wait a whole 24 more hours to open presents. UGH! I hate waiting! I want everyone to have their presents ASAP.

We will be hanging out enjoying each other's company today. Hope everyone has been on the good list and gets everything they asked for.



  1. Cousin,
    THis is a great blog site. Keep it up. I'm so excited for you and Jason this year. I follow you on FB. I don't know you well now, but love how you share your life with the world, and are not afraid. I only remember you as a little girl, when I used to babysit you in California. I love what you have done with your life, and how you are building on what you already have.
    I wish you luck and a Happy ALL year for 2013.