Monday, April 6, 2015

Bump Brief #22

Bump Brief #22: 29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks, baby is the size of a Hawaiian pineapple! How fitting. 

Total weight gain/loss: 156 today. No gain at all this week. Had a midwife appointment last Wednesday. She said that I was measuring a week ahead, but not gaining as much as she would like to see. Holy confusing! How can I be a week ahead, but not gaining enough? Obviously Morgan is growing. Not sure why the number on the scale means so much. I definitely like to see the small number on the scale, but in terms of a healthy pregnancy and baby development, why does it matter? I tried to google measuring ahead, but no weight gain and got nothing so if anyone has some insight I'd be glad to hear it!
Stretch marks? Nope.Still surprised by this. Thankful, but surprised.
Sleep: Ok. I toss and turn pretty much all night. I go to bed very early so I am still get sleep, it's just interrupted. I took a lot of naps this week, too. I'm back to the mid day drain. 
Best moment this week: Having a midwife appointment is always a good time. Seriously, it makes it seem like I'm one step closer to meeting lil miss Morgan. I did have my glucose test and a few shots so the appointment was very long. Another best moment was 2 wraps came! One from from my mom and one from Jason. I LOVE them! One is a Mexican rebozo from Guadalajara and the other is a Kokadi Morgan. I started belly wrapping with them. It helps relieve some of the pressure. 

The pink one is the mexican rebozo. The purple one is Kokadi Morgan.

Preggo Problems: 1. Putting on tennis shoes and socks.Thank goodness I get to wear flip flops 99% of the time here. 2. Heartburn. 3. TMI I have a hemorrhoid. I have never had one before, not even pregnant with Nate. I feel like I should have a whisper font, because it's gross and embarrassing and I feel strange even typing it. I think that's enough detail into that preggo problem. Carry on...
Movement: She is getting crazy. Sometimes it looks like she is hula dancing in there. 
Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week. Since we went camping I have had a few more s'mores, but I can't think of anything I am craving. 
Interesting facts about baby (according to pregnancy app): 
1.  Her lungs are producing surfactant to get ready to breath the world's air. 
2. She can open her eyes.
3. Her skeleton receives about 200 milligrams of calcium a day. Probably more since my freaking heartburn is so bad at night.
Gender: Girl!! And her name is.....

Labor Signs: Nope. 
Belly Button in or out? In-ish. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: This week went by really fast to me! I hope it stays at this pace. It's a strange feeling when time goes fast to me. I like it, but then I know I'll look back and think I wish it wouldn't went slower. Savor the moments more. And I do savor the moments, I try my best to at least. I am very thankful to be pregnant and mostly healthy(still need more info on the cyst situation). Other than being tired again, some round ligament pain, and the few other preggo problems I listed above, I am doing well. Only 77 days until EDD! 

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