Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm Alive and Awesome!

It is amazing how life can take over. Even some things you love to do can take the back burner. There are so many little past times I enjoy, but never get to take the time to do them for myself. Yes, for myself.

Since becoming a mom it seems as if I am being selfish to do anything for myself. It is my job now to take care of another human being. This tiny human relies on my for everything. Not that it is a bad thing, obviously, I signed up for the job. This new job has ridiculous hours, no days off, and very few breaks. It is completely insane and satisfying at the same time. It teaches patience, love, and understanding. It gives you a sense of purpose. With all that said, I realized I need to "work" on myself.

I have realized I have many "jobs", myself being one of them. I not only have to take care of my little human, but I need to take care of my other half, as well as, myself. Myself. Me. Jennifer. I am still Jennifer. Jason always tells me I need to take breaks, that he can help. He says he can watch Nate while I nap. There is such a difference between hearing words and actually believing them. I now believe him. It has taken a long time, but the words have meaning now.

I'm not exactly sure how this change happened. It was as if just one day I woke up and had the sudden urge to make a drastic change. Jason and I had been discussing eating healthier and getting a gym membership. When I got back from a 3 week trip from California my mind was set. Gym membership activated and the next grocery trip was full of healthy items.

It's been 1 month since my change. My modification. My revision of life. I have lost 7lbs, LOVE the classes at the gym, meal plan with healthy foods, Nate has been sleeping better, and I just feel better! I've started doing little things I used to do, such as, paint my nails, take a nap, read, just have some Jenn-time....maybe even blog more!

As I type, I am enjoying a glass of wine, watching a movie, and know my sleeping little human is in his crib dreaming. The day was busy and crazy, but I did my job. The job duties never end and that's okay. I just need to remember I am still Jennifer, not just "mommy".

I wrote this post as a reminder to myself, but also to everyone else who needs it.. Believe the words. Take the time for yourself. Enjoy whatever makes you happy. You can be a mom, or whatever job you do, and (insert name here) simultaneously. You can. Believe it and do it.

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