Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A day in the life of....

**There are a lot of pictures in this post*

I have been wondering what people think I do all day. Since we now live in Hawaii, do people think I just go to the beach, sip drinks with umbrellas, and hula dance everyday? Although that would be nice, that is SO not my life. If I am friends with you on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram, you know most of my posts are food and Nate. That is pretty much my life. I like to stay busy with Nate and get out as much as possible. Our stay here in "paradise" will not last forever so we try to take advantage, but most of our days are full of organized chaos.

This is what today was like for us:

6:30: Nate wakes up. Change a diaper, get his milk cup, go to playroom.
6:45: Read books, watch videos of Nate on my phone (watching himself might be his favorite activity).
7: 10: Outdoor play. Pool, cozy coupe, water table.

7: 45: Breakfast
8:00: Change diaper, change clothes
8:05: Easter egg sensory. I let him do whatever with them for awhile, then I put puffs inside, let him shake them, and eat them if he wanted.

8: 30: Clean up eggs. Blocks. He is finally getting the concept of stacking and attaching them without getting frustrated.

8:45: Papasan Chair climbing. It started raining again, so instead of more outdoor time I took the cushion off the papasan and let me climb all over that. He had a blast!

9:10: Vacuum living room, guest room, Nate's room. He LOVES to vacuum and I got some cleaning done.

9:30: Banana snack.
9:40: Easter egg sensory (again). His choice...just walked right over to the bucket.
9:50: Tantrum. He wanted to use the Easter egg bucket as a step stool to climb. I wouldn't allow it so a meltdown ensued.

10:00: Freeplay. Stacking toy, shapes, cars, etc.

10:15: Easter eggs
10:30: Stacking toy, electronic toys (laptop, phone, camera, etc.)

11:00: Shoes! He tries on all the shoes, tries to walk, runs, gets a different shoes. Loves this "game".

11:30: Change diaper. Lay down for nap. Usually I lay him down closer to 11:45-12, but he was showing signs of being tired.

**I worked on this blog post while he napped**

12:45: Last minute babysitting. Eli arrives! 
1:00: Nate wakes up.
1:05: Play for Eli and lunch for Nate.
1:20: Play with both boys.

The boys looking for the lizard.

Playing "restaurant".

4:00: Eli leaves. Snack for Nate, Free play.
4:30: Start dinner. I hate this time. It is the most stressful, chaotic, meltdown time of my day. I took a few pictures to give you a glimpse...
Cutting veggies while Nate is playing on the floor.
Nate destroying cabinets.

Nate has a meltdown because he can't help cut the veggies.

I pick him up to start the pasta and I get a colander hat.

Nate has a meltdown because I won't let him touch the stove.

I wrap Nate because he is driving me insane.

5:20: Start eating dinner. It's a mess.

5:40: Outdoor play.
6:00: Skype with my mom.
6:30: Bathtime.

6:45: Lotion and prescription oil and pajamas. Bedtime stories. Brushing teeth.

7:00: Nate goes to sleep. I clean the kitchen.
7:20: Relax. 

And that's that. It wasn't a bad day, just non-stop and we were home all day. Dinner time is by far my least favorite time. I dread it. Nate has at least 2-5 meltdowns in less than an hour, mostly because he wants to help doing things that are just not safe. I know he doesn't understand, but it is SO hard not to get frustrated. 

Does Hawaii seem so wonderful now? It is still pretty amazing. The amount of outdoor time, even at home, is one of my favorite parts of Hawaii. The fact that Nate can play in his pool at 7:00am is the best! 

Can someone bring me a margarita now?

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