Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mom Prize

Do you ever feel like you deserve a prize for every chore you do around the house? I mean, kids have "chore charts" and reading charts. They get prizes for a job well done. It gives them motivation to keep up the good work. Today, I deserve a mom prize.

Being a mom shouldn't need any explanation why I deserve one, but I'll tell you anyways. 1. Because it feels good to write down what I have accomplished 2. To get your opinion 3. Without it, there wouldn't be much of a blog post.

Reasons why I deserve a mom prize:
1. The other day I fixed our broken toilet. This in itself should get a huge prize. I know absolutely NOTHING about plumbing. It took a great deal of courage to step in The Home Depot to figure out what I needed, ask for help, purchase the item, then actually go home to fix it with a toddler trying to "help". I did it and I seriously wanted to hug myself. I was that proud.

2. I did 3 loads of laundry and actually put all of it away. On the same day. Within hours of folding. This is just unheard of. I have no problem washing, drying, and folding. Putting everything away, that's a different story. I hate it, but I did it.

3. I cleaned and vacuumed the playroom.

4. I played with my son.

5. I cooked a healthy dinner. I've been on a health kick so most nights are healthy. Today I felt like making a frozen pizza, but I didn't.

These are not extraordinary things I did. Well, maybe the toilet fixing is. All the other "chores" are just everyday, normal things that need to be done. There are some days they feel like the most tedious, draining, irritating tasks in the world and you can not for the life of you find the motivation to complete them, let alone attempt to start them.

So why not have mom prizes to give us moms the motivation to get some chores done? What would be your prize to yourself? A glass of wine, pedicure, a day "off" of chores, a nap...?

Tonight, I present this mom, Jennifer, a glass of wine, pajamas, and some T.V. Know that you are doing a great job doing your "chores", even if there are days when nothing gets done. Be proud, get stuff done, and reward yourself.

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