Monday, October 13, 2014

Expecting. Change.

I've haven't written in a blog post in months because I started to hate my blog name. Strange, huh? I feel like it doesn't represent me, my family, my life. I'm still not actually loving it. But do I create an entire new one? Deal with it? It is driving me crazy that something so little can make me not want to write.

And I have a lot to write about. Maybe nothing intellectual or mind-blowing, but I do have things to write about. Parenting, marriage, tantrums, food, Army life, and most recently...PREGNANCY!!

That's right, we are expecting baby K numero dos. It has been a long road to getting those two lines on a stick. Over a year of trying, short deployments, and a lot of negative pregnancy tests. The husband had no concerns. He knew it would happen. I on the other hand, took the negative tests more to heart. I cried. But then I remained positive and went on to the next month of trying. I enjoyed the son we have. I want so bad to give him a sibling. And now we can.

Some may say I am getting ahead of myself. I am barely 4 weeks along. But after months and months of trying, I can't contain the excitement! I why shouldn't I, right!? We are having a baby! Some question telling everyone before the "safe period" of twelve weeks is up. I did wait with my son. This pregnancy is different. It is my second and most likely my last. I want to share it with everyone. I want to document it all. I want to embrace it. But what if something bad goes wrong? Should I hide that too? I can't go through this pregnancy thinking something might go wrong.

So here I am. Back. Maybe? Unless I decide to create a new blog with a new name. But for now I am back. Happy October!

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