Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tax Bubble, I didn't mistype. You probably thought I meant tax bracket, right? No. I put bubble because I am in one. I kind of knew I was in a tax bubble, but now I know I am FOR SURE in one. I absolutely know nothing about doing taxes. Nothing. 

My mom claimed me until I was 25, so she handled them every year. Then, I got married when I was 25, so Jason has handled them. Not once have I gone to an H&R block or used Turbo Tax. I knew they existed, but didn't pay much attention. Basically, I am spoiled and have lived in a bubble my entire *almost* 28 years of life. Wow. 

This year I asked Jason if I could watch him do our taxes. Not because I wanted to, because I thought I need to learn. This was our little convo:

Jenn: "Can I watch you do our taxes this year?"
Jason: "ALL of it?"
Jenn: "Yeah, why...does it take a long time?"
Jason: "Are you serious? How long do you think it will take?"
Jenn: "I don't know, a couple hours? 2?"
Jason: "Are you serious!? *laughs*
Jenn: *super confused* "What? How long? It looks so easy on T.V"
Jason: *shakes head* "Google the average time it takes to do taxes."

So I googled it. Some site said it took an average of 37 hours! What in the world!? Heck no am I going to watch Jason do taxes for that long. And I wouldn't do them myself either like he does. 

This was just shocking to me. Shocking because I had no idea, but I am also super thankful I have had nothing to do with it in my entire life. They seem boring and take a long time. 

I plan to stay in my tax bubble, thank you very much. And thank you, mom and Jason for knowing how to be an adult...I clearly am not one.

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