Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arbonne review! *giveaway*

The giveaway will be on March 1st. Thought I needed to say that before I wrote anything else.

I am trying a couple products from Arbonne. Ever heard of the company? It is a company that is "pure, safe, beneficial". There are SO many products, such as, skin care, cosmetics, anti-aging, fragrances, and even a baby line!
I have the opportunity to try a couple of the products to review and do a giveaway! That is the reason for the giveaway being on March 1st. I will try the products and give my honest opinion. I get the privilege to try some shampoo, conditioner, protein shakes, baby lotion and rash cream, and make-up primer!

I am going to make a shake right now!

If there are any questions about Arbonne, please leave a comment or contact Michelle Crawford! If you are interested in joining the Arbonne team, check out what they have to offer! Click here for info.

I will be trying these products starting today, so look back for the giveaway on March 1st!

What product do you want for the giveaway?

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