Friday, February 15, 2013

be happy.

This past week I've been in a little funk. The weather is still cold, Jason has been traveling a lot, and Nate hasn't been sleeping well. Oh, and don't forget February is no sweets month. Lack of warmth, husband, sleep, and sugar will put you in a funk.

Today I woke up happy. Nate slept from 9-2, Jason comes home tonight and has 3 days off, and I had a cheat day yesterday full of Oreo eating. It's still cold, but 3 out of 4 is AH-MAZ-ING!

I know someday I will be in a funk again. That's just a lie if I said I was NEVER going to let myself go into blah state of mind. All I can do is try. I can choose to be happy and look at the little things that are great. And I have SO MANY great things in my life. Way more than I could have ever imagined to be honest. I have a husband that loves me and provides for me and Nate. I have a son that makes the silliest faces and "talks" to me. I have lived in 5 states in 4 years. I have an education. I have friends. I am healthy (for the most part). The list goes on and on.

So today will be a good day. Tomorrow will also be a good day. Choose to be happy and look at the great things you have in life. And laugh.

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