Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

 Today, in my book, is a very special day. It is my grandma, Emi's 81st birthday. She is one of the most caring, sweet, genuine, and selfless people to ever walk on Earth. Seriously...Why, you ask?

27 years ago, this wonderful woman walked into my life. Well, technically I was born and placed into her arms, but you get the idea. The crazy part of this is she isn't even blood related! She volunteered herself to take on this grandma role and did it with open arms. Maybe today she is regretting that decision, but I can only hope I have made her life as good as she made mine.

I remember going to her house, eating chili, smelling hot tea and chili, and playing with her antique dolls. I would also dress up in some crazy pajamas, a head band(it was the 80's) and go to town on her treadmill. I was probably about 8 years old doing this and no-I will not post that extremely embarrassing picture she so kindly has in a photo album somewhere. Speaking of pictures...she LOVES them! Another reason why I love my grandma is because she is my pen pal. She is very new to the computer/technology/social media era and would rather get snail mail than post a comment to my wall. It is very refreshing and I love getting her letters plastered with stickers and stamps she has colored in to make it look special just for me. :)

For her birthday, I can almost guarantee she is going to the movies with her's just what they do. I sent her a little something I hope she enjoys and have another lil' something to mail with her next letter I send. Since she loves hot tea, I found some honey at the Farmer's Market here in good ol' Iowa. Isn't it so cute!?
I hope she loves her present and has the best birthday EVER!! 81 years old and doesn't look a day over 45! Thank you Emi, for always being the grandma you didn't have to be and loving me unconditionally. My soon to be son is lucky to have such an amazing great grandma!

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