Sunday, January 3, 2016

HAPPY 2016!

Hi friends!!

Can you believe it is now 2016!? 2015 went by crazy fast for me. It was a whirlwind, that 2015. So much has changed in my life. Having a baby, moving, and having emergency surgery were probably the most life changing. 2015 was hectic, but as always, we made it out alive and healthy.

We are just 3 days into 2016 and I know this year will also have some big changes. I'll share a little bit for each family member.
As a family, we will be moving again in June. Most likely to Fort Lewis, but it is the Army and NOTHING is ever set in stone.
I will continue to be a stay-at-home mom. I will also try to be more selfish. As in, getting some more "me-time" without feeling guilty. My main goal is to be the best wife, mama, and person I can be.
Jason's big change will be graduating CGSC and being promoted. After promotion, he will be in a new job (undecided at the moment). Even though we don't know the position, a new job will be another change for him.
Nathan. Oh, Nathan. He is on day 7 of potty training and doing amazing!! Still not perfect and haven't attempted nighttime, but so far so good. Another adjustment is his little world is preschool. He starts a 2 day program this month. Wish us luck because separation anxiety is high.
I'm making Morgan's changes for her. Please, for the love of your mama, learn to sleep better. Also...say "Mama" as your first word. K, thanks.

With it being a new year and all, of course we are making some resolutions.

My personal resolution is trying to give up Dr. Pepper. Why you so good, D.P!? WHY!? I'm currently 3 days clean. Thank you, thank you. I am giving myself a few cheats. And they will most likely be used when we move. Because...moving. I will need the D.P for the long drive.

Jason and I also doing monthly resolutions together. Each month is something different. Here is our list for this year...

January: Compliment a person everyday. Genuinely.
February: Strict Paleo
March: Blog everyday, even if it's only one sentence.
April: Donation month!
May: 7 minute workout daily
June: No TV
July: After dinner walk
August: No sweets
September: Drink only water
October: New recipe every week
November: Learn something new
December: Adopt a family for Christmas

I hope everyone is ready to take on 2016 with high expectations and with a big smile!

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