Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's that time...

...time to get healthy, get in shape, and get back to pre-pregnancy body. 6 weeks postpartum has creeped on me! That's okay though, I am ready to like my body again. I had Jason take pictures for me so I can track the progress. Holy back fat! Thank goodness he took those because seeing that picture can me a lot of motivation.

Before I started anything I got new shoes. Because, new shoes.

My plan is a modified beachbody/shakeology with a little common sense and my own knowledge of health. Since I am breastfeeding Morgan I am hungry all the damn time. I will trade in my McDonald's and bad foods for healthy and fresh. Don't get me wrong, I will cheat and have treats from time to time. All in moderation, right?

My pre-pregnancy weight: 147
Weight at 39 weeks: 169
Weight at 6 weeks PP: 150

Here are the 6 weeks postpartum pictures. 

 Expected this ^^

 Expected this ^^

Where does back fat come from!? Eww! Do. Not. Like.

I did my first workout for the day today. It was hard. I will be sore tomorrow. Half way through my 4 sets, Morgan needed to nurse. Maybe she felt sorry for me because I was struggling? Maybe she is excited it is National Breastfeeding Week? Or she is just a chunker. 

Cheers to day 1!

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